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About Heiden

A Czech Republic band that evolved from a straight-up black metal troupe to an outfit that shed its more "black" elements to go more "metal," Heiden are made up of Kverd (vocals and guitar), Varnag (guitar), Einsk (drums), and Dalias (bass). Formed in 2004, Heiden released their first work, a demo entitled V Moudrosti Stromu, that same year. Momentum was on the band's side, and later that year Heiden released album number one, Potomkun Pozemskeho Soumraku. A follow-up, Tinne, hit the streets in 2005. In 2006, Heiden went back into the studio to work on album number three. The work, which would be different from the more atmospheric work on Tinne, was released in 2007, and was titled Era 2. In keeping up with their trend of more than one major release per year,Heiden also released a split with Trollech in 2007. ~ Chris True