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California-based pop/rock duo Heffron Drive make melodic, earnest, emo rock- and dance music-influenced pop. Formed 2008, Heffron Drive features the talents of singer/guitarist and actor Kendall Schmidt and singer/guitarist and actor Dustin Belt. Originally from Kansas, Schmidt and Belt had previously played in a band together years earlier. It was after reconnecting, when they were both living on Heffron Drive in Burbank, California (hence the name) that the new partnership was born. However, soon after forming, Schmidt joined the Nickelodeon pop outfit Big Time Rush. Subsequently, Belt signed on as BTR's touring guitarist, and Heffron Drive became a side project. While on tour with BTR, Schmidt and Belt continued to work on their music and in 2013 began recording the material. In 2014, they released their debut album, Happy Mistakes, featuring the single "Parallel." The album landed in the top half of the Billboard 200. Happy Mistakes Unplugged followed in 2015, and they returned with new material in early 2017. Led by the single "Living Room," The Slow Motion EP was delivered by Tolbooth Records that February. ~ Matt Collar

    Burbank, CA

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