Heavy Stereo

About Heavy Stereo

Heavy Stereo was among a number of British guitar bands signed in the wake of Oasis' worldwide popularity in the mid-'90s; in fact, their only album, Deja Voodoo, was released on Creation Records, the label that discovered Oasis. What separated Heavy Stereo from their peers was their unapologetic affection for '70s glam rock; they were massively -- and blatantly -- influenced by such glam icons as the New York Dolls, Gary Glitter, and Sweet. Formed by Colin Murray Archer (vocals, rhythm guitar, piano) (otherwise known as Gem), Pete Downing (lead guitar), Nez (bass), and Nick Jones (drums, vocals, percussion), Heavy Stereo recorded a handful of singles before their debut full-length Deja Voodoo appeared in 1996. Reviews were not always kind; some critics viewed the group's glam attack as anachronistic and somewhat embarrassing. Moreover, Heavy Stereo couldn't find the international success enjoyed by their compatriots; glam rock had long since lost its flavor with the masses. Heavy Stereo covered a Jam track on the tribute compilation Fire and Skill, but the band eventually split up. In 1999, Archer replaced Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs as the rhythm guitarist for Oasis. Archer didn't play on Oasis' Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, but he toured with the group in support of the album. ~ Michael Sutton