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About Headstones

A tough-skinned product of the same Kingston, Ontario scene that produced The Tragically Hip, Headstones have been one of Canada’s preeminent hard-rock acts since they formed in 1987. Along with their beefy guitar riffs and pile-driver rhythms, Headstones are recognizable by the no-nonsense manner and laconic wit of frontman Hugh Dillon, who was driven to found the band after a spell of busking and living rough in the UK. After building a buzz around their sometimes confrontational live shows, the group signed with MCA and released 1993’s fiery Picture of Health and 1996’s caustic Smile And Wave. Dillon found another outlet for his onstage bravado when he played a hard-living musician in Hard Core Logo, the 1996 cult hit that launched his acting career. Headstones’ sixth album and first after an eight-year break, 2013’s LOVE + FURY proved the band still knew how to make an impact and do some damage, at least in metaphorical terms.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada