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About Hazey Eyes

Under the name Hazey Eyes, Philadelphia-based electronic artist Thomas Michel creates dreamy, often cinematic EDM tracks featuring both his own vocals and an array of guest singers. He first gained international recognition uploading tracks to his SoundCloud page and releasing a pair of EPs in 2016's Goodbye and 2017's Some Reason.

A classically trained multi-instrumentalist, Michel split his high-school days between the classical world and playing in a local metal band. His introduction to electronic music during college shifted his focus, and he began composing more introspective, low-key EDM under the name Hazey Eyes. After releasing his debut EP, Goodbye, in October 2016, he quickly built up his reputation as a producer, songwriter, and collaborator, releasing subsequent singles like "Love Is" and "Some Reason," the latter of which featured Australian artist FEELDS.

His second EP, Some Reason, arrived in 2017 and featured collaborations with other singers as well, including Violet Skies and Claire Ridgely. As his visibility increased, Michel continued to work with higher-profile artists, returning in 2018 with the Yoke Lore collaboration "Scars."

Philadelphia, PA

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