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b. Christopher Smith, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. Smith was a chef by trade, although he harboured aspirations to become a DJ. In 1985 he was given the opportunity to chat on the mike on the King Symbol sound system at a dance in Kingston. His distinctive style led to his debut recording session with the then ascending Jamaican producer, John Mills. The result of the sessions led to the release of ‘Patois’. Although his debut did not make an impression on the charts, the song led to an encounter with Danny Browne of the Main Street Crew. Following his initial recording session with Main Street and the release of ‘No Behaving’, Smith’s career blossomed. Recording as Hawkeye (a reference to his staring eyes), Smith recorded his lyrics on popular rhythms created at Main Street and Studio 2000. The hits included the Scandal rhythm noted for Goofy’s ‘Fudgie’ and Red Rat’s ‘Shelley Anne’. Hawkeye’s version of the rhythm was equally as popular when he delivered ‘Postman’ and ‘Girl Shack’. The phenomenal success of the rhythm led to Hawkeye, as part of the Main Street Crew, performing in the international arena. both individually and in combination with Red Rat and Goofy. The critics and audiences were in agreement with regard to the enthusiasm and excitement generated by their appearances. In addition to the trio, the full crew featured General Degree, Buccaneer, Crissy D and Lady G. Hawkeye also featured on the massive version excursion, ‘Rich (Juggling Remix)’, which featured the full crew alongside Richie Stephens, and has since proved a dancehall anthem. In 1998 he maintained a high profile with ‘Move’, alongside the inviting ‘Arrest Me Officer’. The same year Main Street Crew were invited to perform in the UK alongside the acclaimed hip-hop queen Phoebe One. The combination resulted in the ragga fusion hit, ‘Doin’ Our Thing’.

Kingston, Jamaica

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