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Chicago hardcore band Harms Way began in 2006 as a jokey side project conceived by members of the straight-edge hardcore outfit Few and the Proud. Drummer Chris Mills, vocalist James Pligge (aka Hammers McPligue), bassist John Caution, and guitarists Bo Lueders, Jon Hofacker, and Jay Jancetic initially started the group as a performance and goofy stage show that found macho vocalist Pligge wearing a ski mask and singing ridiculous lyrics while the band aimed to emulate the short, spastic power violence style of early-'90s punk innovators like Crossed Out or Man Is the Bastard. Harms Way kept their comical streak going at first, releasing a few 7" singles in their first few years, but eventually got more serious and developed their sound with each subsequent release. Lineup changes ensued over the years, and Harms Way worked with a variety of labels, releasing their first album, Reality Approaches, in 2009 and following it with 2011's Isolation. They shifted from a death metal sound to a more industrial-leaning one with 2013's Blinded EP, which would be their first release for Deathwish Inc., the label of Converge member Jacob Bannon. Their third album, Rust, followed in 2015. Harms Way made their Metal Blade label debut in early 2018 with their fourth set, Posthuman, which featured the single "Human Carrying Capacity." ~ Fred Thomas

    Chicago, IL
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