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Hare Squead

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Irish rap trio Hare Squead create a catchy and energetic blend of hip-hop with pop flair and R&B hooks. The Dublin area crew -- Tony Konstone and Lilo Blues (who also performed as E-Knock) from Tallaght and Jessy Rose from Blanchardstown -- emerged in 2014. Influenced as much by Odd Future as Outkast, they released a handful of singles like "Zoo of the New" and "Bop with It" before their debut EP, 2016's Supernormal. The three-song effort contained the Pharrell-esque "Long Way to Go" and the menacing trap-influenced "Loco." They signed with Columbia and released the single "If I Ask," an infectious track combining a classic house beat with Rose's R&B hook and Tony and Lilo's speedy verses. ~ Neil Z. Yeung

    Dublin, Ireland

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