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Guitar gunner Neal Schon played as a teen with Santana. Then, he founded Journey and rode their radio wave while still reaching out to Jan Hammer and Sammy Hagar for creative freedom and chop flexing. In the late '80s, he joined Bad English, where singer John Waite and fellow Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain (both ex-Babys) refined Schon's hammer-down tendencies in a pop direction. He finally got what he wanted with the hair unit Hardline: Bad English drummer Deen Castronovo drafted lifelong pal Todd Jensen (former David Lee Roth) for bass duty. Frontman Johnny Gioeli and his guitarist brother, Joey, already wrote songs together in Brunette. Hardline's debut, Double Eclipse, saw some MTV and radio action with "Takin' Me Down." Schon let out some of the stored-up slashing he had long suppressed. However, the early-'90s rock atmosphere was less than kind to such endeavors, and when Schon took the rhythm section on tour with Paul Rodgers, Hardline folded. ~ Doug Stone

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