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Hardcore band Hand of Mercy started in Sydney, Australia in 2007, with vocalist Scott Bird leading guitarists Adam McLain and Josh Campiao, drummer Cullum Jensen-MacKinnon, and bassist Michael Dawson. The band perfected their mosh-friendly, riff-driven sound through years of relentless touring, including shows with the Ghost Inside, A Day to Remember, and Amity Affliction. Hand of Mercy's initial recordings, two EPs (2007's Trash the Party and 2008's Scum of the Earth) and a full-length (2010's The Fallout), were self-released. For the band's international debut, they signed with UNFD for the release of 2012's Last Lights, which was recorded in Boston with producer Shane Frisby. The group returned to Boston in 2013 to record the follow-up, Resolve, but decided to re-record the album the following year when vocalist Scott Bird left the band. Nick Bellringer, of Brisbane, became the band's new vocalist, and Resolve was finished and released by UNFD in the summer of 2014. ~ Paul Simpson

Sydney, Austrailia

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