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The trippy, synth- and psych pop-infused side project of Paramore drummer Zac Farro, Halfnoise mixes dance-ready indie rock with sunny, '60s-style melodies and swirling instrumentals. Drawing up a wide array of influences from the Beach Boys to Tame Impala, Sigur Ros, and U2, Halfnoise largely came together after Farro's well-publicized departure from Paramore in 2010. Over the next several years, Farro developed his new band's sound, even spending seven months in New Zealand recording the group's debut album, before rejoining Paramore in 2016. Since then, Halfnoise has remained an equal creative focus for Farro who often performs the band's songs on tour with Paramore.
Born in New Jersey in 1990, Farro grew up in the Nashville suburb of Franklin, Tennessee where he co-founded the emo rock outfit Paramore alongside his brother guitarist Josh Farro, vocalist Hayley Williams, and bassist Jeremy Davis. From age 14 onward, Farro toured and recorded with the band, releasing three hugely popular albums. However, in 2010, citing creative and personal differences, the Farro brothers left Paramore to focus on their own projects. Soon afterward, Farro began working on his own music, collaborating with friend Jason Clarke. The moody single "Hide Your Eyes" appeared online before Clarke left the duo, and Farro moved forward on his own. An eponymous EP produced with Daniel James arrived in 2012, and included the single "Free the House." Farro and James then traveled to New Zealand to work on what would become Halfnoise's full-length debut album. Recorded over a seven-month period and released in 2014, Volcano Crowe found Farro (who sings and plays most of the instruments) expanding the group's sound, weaving in layers of kinetic percussion, guitars, bass, keyboards, and electronics. Included on the album are the singles "Mountain" and "Hurricane Love."
Farro returned to Tennessee and spent much of the next year touring before beginning work on Halfnoise's sophomore album. Released in 2016, Sudden Feeling showcased a more buoyant, '60s psychedelia-tinged, synth pop sound. Included on the album were the singles "Sudden Feeling" and "Know the Feeling." Also during this period, Farro reconnected with his former-Paramore bandmates Williams and guitarist Taylor York, eventually re-joining the band full-time for 2017's After Laughter. On tour with Paramore in 2017 and 2018, Farro often appeared singing Halfnoise songs during their concerts. The Flowerss EP appeared in 2018 and featured the singles "All That Is Love" and "She Said." ~ Matt Collar

    Franklin, TN

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