About Haken

Haken are a full-fledged modern progressive rock band hailing from London, England. Their sound has evolved from the prog metal on 2010's Aquarius and 2011's Visions to a shapeshifting, kaleidoscopic amalgam of progressive metal, jazz syncopation, hooky electronic pop, and anthemic rock & roll, as heard on mature statements such as 2013's The Mountain. Along the way, Haken's ability to craft hooks inside songs led them into unusual -- for them -- territory: The band actively wove new wave elements into their sound for 2016's Affinity, their international breakout album thanks in no small part to first single "Initiate" and its video. Further exploring the titular "Cockroach King" from a song on The Mountain, 2020's Virus also elaborated and expanded on the intervallic, harmonic, rhythmic, and lyrical themes of the song across the arc of the album.

    London, England

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