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As the winner of the first season of Australian Idol in 2003, Guy Sebastian experienced the kind of sudden success that many others would later discover as TV talent shows became music’s biggest launching pads. Yet the longevity that he has achieved may be more remarkable than the first flush of fame that transformed Sebastian—who was born in Malaysia in 1981—from a humble young gospel singer and music student into an Australian pop phenom. A big reason for Sebastian’s staying power is the strength and expressiveness of his voice, which proves to be just as compelling on his 2020 chart-topper T.R.U.T.H. as it was on earlier triumphs like his 2007 soul covers set, The Memphis Album, and 2003’s “Angels Brought Me Here”, the soaring ballad that became one of Australia’s biggest-selling songs of all time. There’s another factor—or The X Factor—what with Sebastian’s tenure as a judge on the Australian edition of that show and a coach on The Voice: the deep love of soul, gospel and blues that shines through songs like “Standing With You”, a moving reflection on mental health inspired by losses in his life and the wider struggles caused by COVID-19.

    Klang, Malaysia
  • BORN
    October 26, 1981

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