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Grit and passion combined with Jawbreaker and Leatherface influences to produce the melodic yet aggressive post-hardcore of Gainesville's Gunmoll. The band, whose sound was not so dissimilar from Hot Water Music and nearly all of the No Idea Records roster, was comprised of vocalist/guitarist Mike Hale, bassist/vocalist Derron Nuhfer (who previously played sax for ska-punkers Less Than Jake), and drummer Jon Marburger (formerly of local acts I Hate Myself and Burnman, among others). Gunmoll debuted in July 2001 on the aforementioned local indie No Idea with the full-length Anger Management in Four Chords or Less, received to a largely positive response. They followed up with a split alongside Montreal's Fifth Hour Hero in September 2002 before hitting the studio early the next year to record their next proper album. That record, Board of Rejection, appeared in October, a month before their split with Annalise (from England) was released. By the time the latter album hit the shelves, however, Gunmoll had gone on hiatus due to the wishes of Hale; they reunited briefly in the fall of 2004 to perform at Gainesville's annual punk shindig, The Fest. Hale reappeared back on the scene in late 2006 when he signed with Asian Man Records for the release of forthcoming solo material. ~ Corey Apar

Gainesville, FL

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