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Inspired equally by jangle pop and arty post-punk, Guided by Voices created a series of trebly, hissy indie rock records filled with infectiously brief pop songs that fell somewhere between the British Invasion and prog rock. Led by songwriter and lead singer Robert Pollard, the Dayton, Ohio band became an unexpected alternative rock sensation with their 1994 release Bee Thousand, winning critical acclaim and wider distribution. The decades that followed saw lineup changes, breakups, reunions, and hundreds of Pollard's compact, melodic songs as the band experimented with production upgrades and returns to four-track basics. By the 2010s, GbV had embraced their prolificity, releasing as many as three albums in a calendar year. This constant output took the form of records like 2017's sprawling double-album August by Cake and 2022's power pop magnum opus Crystal Nuns Cathedral, their 35th studio album.

    Dayton, OH

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