About GTO

One of the many bands to feature the talents of London-based former video artist Lee Newman, among the few women involved in the evolution of techno. Influences primarily came from the industrial sector, and groups like Test Department and the output of the Wax Trax Records label. Newman spent several years DJing, remixing and programming, and contributed a column to DJ magazine under the title Technohead. She worked with her partner, Michael Wells. GTO was an acronym for Greater Than One, the original title of their band in the mid-80s who released a string of experimental albums. Together they contributed some of the essential modern techno cuts (Pure for Go! Bang, Listen To The Rhythm Flow for Belgium label Jumping Man), the best of which were compiled on their debut album. Yet instead of the anticipated rigid, hard beat techno experience, it circumvented expectations by partially adopting the innovations of the trance movement. It was preceded by another excellent single, Love Is Everywhere. Later came Dub Killer, which went further still and slowed down the pace to a crawl. As Tricky Disco they released two singles, Tricky Disco (1990) and Housefly (1991) for the Warp Records empire, and also recorded as John & Julie (hardcore) and Church Of Ecstasy (for Rising High). There were also collaborations with Germanys DJ Tanith and the US Underground Resistance.

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