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Canadian band Greys refer to themselves as a "loud band from Toronto." It's a pretty straightforward, if somewhat humble description of the four-piece, whose aggressive, yet sophisticated mix of post-punk and noise rock reached a career high point on their acclaimed 2016 album Outer Heaven. Intelligent and introspective, their approach continued to evolve over the next few years and they resurfaced in 2019 with Age Hasn't Spoiled You.
Formed in 2011 by singer/guitarist Shehzaad Jiwani, guitarist Cam Graham, bassist Colin Gillespie, and drummer Braeden Craig, Greys released their first EP, Ultra Sorta, that same year. A second EP, Easy Listening, followed in 2012 as the band continued to develop its sound in the studio and on-stage throughout North America. They joined up with Brooklyn's Kind of Like Records in 2013 to release their heavy third EP, Drift, before finally assembling their debut album, 2014's If Anything, which came out on Washington, D.C. indie Carpark Records. In 2015, Greys returned with the EP Repulsion, featuring the singles "Voyeur" and "I'd Hate to Be an Actor." For their sophomore album, Outer Heaven, the band radically expanded on their sound, adding new elements such as tape loops and synths, and a newfound maturity, without losing their fire and bite. Released in April 2016, the album was recorded at the legendary Hotel2Tango studios in Montréal, home to Godspeed You! Black Emperor and A Silver Mount Zion. They quickly followed up in October of that year with Warm Shadow, which acted as a sort of companion piece to Outer Heaven. Following a period of downtime devoted to other projects, Greys hit the studio again, channeling the anxiety and unrest of their daily newsfeeds to into 2019's Age Hasn't Spoiled You, their most ambitious and tonally varied album yet. ~ Timothy Monger

    Toronto, Ontario

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