About GReeeeN

A quartet of dentists whose true identities are unknown, GReeeeN has an unusual pop pedigree, but that didn’t prevent them from topping the Japanese charts for more than a decade.

∙ Formed in 2002 while the members were in dental school, GReeeeN’s unusual moniker is a reference to the number of people in the group—there’s one “e” for each person.
∙ They landed 20 singles in the Japanese Top 10, beginning with 2007’s “Aiuta,” which reached No. 2.
∙ GReeeeN was named New Artist of the Year at the 2008 Japan Gold Disc awards, and the group has won eight Gold Disc honors.
∙ “Kiseki,” GReeeeN’s signature song, was recognized in 2009 by Guinness World Records as the top-selling digital download of all time.
∙ All nine of the group’s studio albums have reached the Japanese Top 10, and both 2008’s A Domo Ohisashiburidesu and 2009’s Salt & Pepper went all the way to No. 1.
∙ “Shinobi,” a song from Imakara Oyayubiga Kieru Tejinashimaasu., was used as the opening theme of the Japanese dub of the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film.

    Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

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