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Nominally a quartet of dentists (with one still a dental student), the vocal group Greeeen began recording while all were students at a dental school in Fukushima, a couple of hours from Tokyo by train. With a sound fairly common to male vocal pop groups in Japan (and Korea), the group has stuck primarily to fairly tame pop ballads since their debut single, "Michi," which hit the Top 40 on the Oricon charts. After a series of additional singles, the group released a debut full-length album in June of 2007, A Domo Hajimemashite, which sold 130,000 copies in its first week and promptly found the number two slot on the Oricon charts. Fueled by the success, the band continued producing singles while remaining mysteriously out of the public eye, culminating with a sophomore full-length in June 2008, A Domo Ohisashiburi Desu, which quickly outstripped their previous release with nearly 400,000 copies sold in the first week and a number one slot on the Oricon charts. ~ Adam Greenberg

Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

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