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Grapetooth's distinctive new wave-garage punk was formulated by Twin Peaks' Clay Frankel and Home-Sick's Chris Bailoni, then roommates in their base of Chicago, Illinois. Offering music full of contradictions -- shimmering and ramshackle, playful and earnest, melodically sweet and off-key -- they debuted with the Grapetooth LP in 2018.
Frankel and Bailoni had already been acquainted for a few years when they started writing songs together in 2015 while Frankel was home between tours with Twin Peaks. Having discovered a common affection for the music of Arthur Russell and Yellow Magic Orchestra's Yukihiro Takahashi, they made use of the synthesizers in Bailoni's home studio as well as guitars and drum machines. By 2016, they were rooming together with a growing collection of recordings, and in 2017, their friend Knox Fortune asked them to play at his album release show. Grapetooth started playing more regularly around town, and in July 2018, they signed with Polyvinyl Records and sold out a headlining show at Chicago's Lincoln Hall. The duo's self-titled full-length followed in November of 2018. ~ Marcy Donelson

Chicago, IL

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