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Drawing upon his early years in the industrial band SPK, composer Graeme Revell has championed a sophisticated and stylistically eclectic approach to film scoring. Revell first came into the public eye with his brooding score for the acclaimed 1989 Australian film Dead Calm and has distinguish himself with soundtracks for movies like 1993's The Crow, 2005's Sin City, and 2013's Riddick, the latter of which marked his fourth collaboration with director David Twohy. Along with scoring films for such well-known directors as John Woo, Wim Wenders, Robert Rodriguez, Ted Demme, and Michael Mann, Revell has composed for TV shows like CSI Miami, The Forgotten, and Fox's Gotham. He has also retained connections to the rock music world, supplying arrangements for artists like Evanescence, Emma Shapplin, and Biffy Clyro.

    Auckland, New Zealand
  • BORN
    October 23, 1955

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