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Coming into the public eye with his brooding score for the 1989 Australian film Dead Calm, composer Graeme Revell has gone on to score films for directors such as John Woo, Wim Wenders, Robert Rodriguez, Ted Demme, and Michael Mann. Born in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1955, Revell graduated from the University of Auckland with degrees in economics and politics. His skills as a classically trained pianist assisted him as a member of the experimental industrial rock group SPK. Cinematic theatrics were an essential part of SPK's live show (foreshadowing Revell's future career in film) with early performances featuring slides and films of surgery, and the use of flame throwers and oil drums. The band dissolved in the late '80s, coinciding with Revell's exploration into film scores. His Dead Calm score won him an Australian Film Industry award, prompting his move to London to work as an independent musician. Revell has had quite a prolific career composing music for films like Street Fighter and The Craft, as well as producing soundtracks for Until the End of the World, The Crow, The Basketball Diaries, Strange Days, and From Dusk Till Dawn.

    Auckland, New Zealand
  • BORN
    October 23, 1955

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