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A South Korean all-female pop group, Girl's Day gained widespread popularity for their hooky, dance-oriented sound. The group first emerged in the 2010s, releasing a series of EP's and singles including hits like "Twinkle Twinkle," "Hug Me Once," and "Don't Flirt." Both of Girl's Day's full-length albums, 2013's Expectation and 2015's Love, landed in the Top Five in South Korea and helped win them three Goan Chart Music Awards. In 2017, Girl's Day hit number seven on the Billboard World Albums chart with their EP Everyday #5.
Formed in 2010 by the Seoul-based Dream T Entertainment, Girl's Day originally featured leader and lead-vocalist Sojin (Park So Jin), Main vocalist Jiin (Lee Jiin), main vocalist Minah (Bang Min Ah), main dancer and main rapper Jihae (Woo Ji Hae), and vocalist Jisun (Hwang Jisun). The group debuted that same year with the Girl's Day Party #1 EP, which included the singles "Tilt My Head" and "How About Me." Two months after their debut, members Jisun and Jiin left the group to be replaced by main rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist Yura (Kim Ah Young) and main dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist Hyeri (Lee Hye Ri). This lineup quickly returned with their sophomore EP, Girl's Day Party #2, featuring the single "Nothing Lasts Forever." Several more EPs followed, including 2011's Everyday and 2012's Everyday 2, after which Jihae left the group.
In March 2013, the solidified four-member lineup of Girl's Day released their debut full-length album, Expectation, which spawned the singles "Don't Forget Me," "White Day," and "Expect." That June, the album was re-released under the title Female President and featuring the song of the same name. Both versions of the album performed well, landing in the Top Ten of the Goan album charts. By year's end, "Female President" had landed at number seven on Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart and "Expect" took home the Long-Run Song of the Year award at the Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards.
Over the next year, Girl's Day stayed busy issuing a number of EPs, including Everyday 3, Everyday 4, and I Miss You, all of which led up to the release of their sophomore full-length album, 2015's Love. Propelled by the single "Ring My Bell," the album peaked at number three in South Korea. That same year, the group released their debut Japanese album, Girl's Day 2015 Autumn Party, which included versions of their songs "Darling," "Twinkle Twinkle," and "Ring My Bell." Following an almost two-year hiatus, Girl's Day returned in March 2017 with their seventh mini-album, Everyday #5, featuring the single "I'll Be Yours." The album peaked at number five in South Korea and number seven on Billboard's World Albums chart. In 2019, Girl's Day left Dream T Entertainment and went on indefinite hiatus. ~ Matt Collar

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