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French rap hasn’t seen a jack-of-all-trades hitmaker quite like Ghost Killer Track. Throughout the 2010s, the producer worked behind the scenes, crafting forward-thinking beats for some of the city’s biggest street rappers before realizing he could bring those artists into his own world. Growing up in the suburbs of Paris, he picked up beatmaking from his older brother. Then, at the turn of the 2010s, he fell in love with Chicago drill, the big, brash style of rap peddled by Young Chop, Chief Keef, and other rising MCs overseas. Ghost Killer Track networked around the Paris scene, making deep connections. In 2018, he put out the loaded compilation tape Slimer Alchemists 2, establishing himself among the star rappers while remaining a sought-after producer. His 2021 summer smash “Tonight” with D-Block Europe and OBOY turned him into a bonafide pop star, laying out a future path for French rap producers that’s a lot brighter than it once was.