Ghost Bath

About Ghost Bath

Ghost Bath is an American blackgaze/post-metal/depressive black metal group from North Dakota. Their sound balances melodic, tremolo-picked guitars, blastbeats, unclean and screamed vocals, melodic interludes, and explosive dynamics. Funeral, their 2014 independently issued debut long-player, wed that sound to gothic atmospherics and richly layered electronic textures. 2016's Moonlover was simultaneously more aggressive and progressive. It juxtaposed shorter blackgaze compositions with longer, more labyrinthine constructs that walked a tightrope between formal and post-metal structures and sonic chaos. 2017's Starmourner tightened all of those elements into a startlingly accessible meld of dark melody, atmospherics, folk and prog harmonic elements, and subtle electronics woven into an already ambitious sound signature. Self Loather appeared in 2021.

    Minot, ND

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