About GGFH

G.G.F.H. (an acronym for Global Genocide Forget Heaven) comprised two Californians, Brian J. Walls and Ghost. Highly media-literate and pessimistic, G.G.F.H.’s music paints a picture of pain, ignorance and perversity with a palette of harsh electronic music, robotic vocals and sampled dialogue. Their main obsession, however, is the way in which a paranoid establishment creates sensationalist panics to feed to the TV-addicted populace. Eclipse, their first full album, concentrated on the media panic around Satanism, with audio samples from talk shows and cheap films as its backdrop. The second album, Disease, dropped the Satanic theme in favour of the more generic territory of serial murder, sexual violence and urban alienation. A lighter, more electronic, though no less disturbing, tone for Disease, replaced the grinding hum of Eclipse. The grim Halloween EP, released in a limited edition in 1991, was re-released in an extended form as their third full album, comprising demo material recorded between 1986 and 1989.

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