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About George Shaw

George Shaw's work as a composer and orchestrator spans multiple mediums and genres. Growing up in Houston, Texas, Shaw parlayed his love of cartoons, superheros, fantasy, and science fiction into a burgeoning career that includes compositions for film, film trailers, video games, and a number of popular YouTube collaborations and credits. Moving to Los Angeles, he studied classical and film/media composing at University of Southern California, finding early work as an orchestrator for films like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Ghost Rider. While he has scored numerous indie feature and short films, Shaw's work providing music for popular YouTube channels and personalities brought him his most widespread success. His music has notched millions of streams through collaborations with YouTube stars like Michelle Phan, the Fung Brothers, and Wong Fu Productions as well as with musical artists like David Choi, Jason Chen, and Abraham Lim. Some of his most successful credits include the 2010 comedy short Agents of Secret Stuff and the 2014 Star Wars Musical parody. Other features include Baby Steps, Hang Loose, and the documentary, Uploaded: The Asian American Movement. Some of Shaw's video game credits include Core Overload, Fatloot, and Storm the Gates. ~ Timothy Monger

Houston, TX

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