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George Ezra’s spirited folk-pop sing-alongs could have thrived in any era, but their mix of worldly curiosity, unbridled optimism, and a few playful loops and synths reflects a truly millennial ideal. Born George Ezra Barnett in Hertfordshire, England in 1993, the singer/songwriter grew up seeking comfort in the wordplay of folk laureates like Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie and the raw, emotional resonance of blues masters like Lead Belly. He trained his voice to sound as bold and booming as the latter, and honed his writing chops while traveling—an activity he’d been fascinated with since falling in love with Paddington Bear as a kid. The fictional teddy would come to inspire Ezra’s 2014 debut album, Wanted on Voyage, a phrase found on Paddington’s suitcase. Singles “Budapest” and “Barcelona” burst with buoyant acoustic hooks while evoking the modest sensibility of Ed Sheeran. They also represent a clear sense of place, and Ezra’s eternal wanderlust, something he slips into each of his effervescent works—whether that’s finding “Paradise” in love or riding “Shotgun” to anywhere. That exuberant joie de vivre feels ever more evocative under the influence of his robust baritone, a soothing sonorousness that goes down like a finely aged wine.

    Hertford, England
  • BORN
    June 7, 1993

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