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Inspired by the dystopian sounds of cult sci-fi soundtracks, vintage VHS 80s horror, brooding techno, and darkwave Italo, Chicago duo David Ross and Matthew Arkell formed Gatekeeper and released their first EP, Optimus Maximus, on Fright Records in 2009. Formulating their electronic ethos in their Brooklyn apartment, the pair labeled themselves an immersive audiovisual experience rather than a band or a production duo. Heavily influenced by cult 80s documentaries The Jupiter Menace and Chronos, they released the six-track EP Giza in 2010 on Merok Records. The EP was well-received and was accompanied by a limited-edition VHS/Laserdisc video which referenced 90s CD-R graphics and hallucinatory metaphysical imagery. Inspired by a diverse range of subjects -- World Heritage sites, IMAX cinematography, the acid squelch of the Roland TB-303, and hyper-futuristic techno, they released their debut full-length studio album Exo on Hippo in Tanks in 2012. ~ Aneet Nijjar

Chicago, IL

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