About Gasolin'

Often referred to as Denmark's answer to the Beatles, Danish rock band Gasolin' are widely regarded as the nation's most popular band to date. Established in 1969 by Kim Larsen, Franz Beckerlee, and Wili Jonsson, Gasolin' started with English-language material such as "Silky Sally," "Child of the Institution," and "Johnny the Jackpot," released in 1970. Lacking the success and acceptance they'd hoped for, the bandmembers began recording music in their native language and experienced an immediate turnaround in their popularity. Released in 1971, the band's self-titled debut was very well received. With subsequent records such as Gasolin' 2 and Gasolin' 3, among others, the band quickly became Denmark's best-selling pop group, dominating national radio and playing Denmark's most important venues.
Throughout the '70s, Gasolin' attempted to crack the international market, re-releasing albums in English and playing clubs throughout the U.K. Despite winning an iconic reputation on its home soil, the band's inability to conquer the English-language market caused tension and stress among its members, who ultimately broke up in the early '80s. Frontman Kim Larsen began a successful solo career in 1984 with his debut record, Midt Om Natten, one of Denmark's best-selling albums of all time. Gasolin' collections and compilations began with Supermix in 1980 and have continued all the way up through 2003's Black Box box set and 2009's Masser af Succes. The Gasolin' story was documented in the award-winning film Gasolin'-4-Ever, directed by Anders Ostergaard, whipping up renewed interest in the group's history and music. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez


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