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Formed in Scunthorpe, England, in the late '70s, Gaskin comprised singer, guitarist, and all-around main man Paul Gaskin, bassist Stef Prokopczuk, and drummer Dave Norman. One of hundreds of bands lumped into the popular New Wave of British Heavy Metal category, Gaskin gradually evolved from a punk-tinged metal outfit toward a more melodic hard rock style in the vein of Def Leppard and Praying Mantis. After signing with independent Rondolet Records, they issued their first album End of the World in 1981, then hit the road across the U.K. Vocalist Brent Spencer was brought on-board as a full-time frontman before the following year's No Way Out, which also featured new bassist Baggy. Neither record sold very well, however, and Gaskin decided to break up in 1983. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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