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One of many side projects of the ceaselessly busy Ty Segall, GØGGS is a trio that churn up an angry storm of rage-infused garage punk, with some cheap electronics thrown in for good measure. Joining Segall are Chris Shaw of Ex-Cult and Charles Moothart of Fuzz and CFM. A debut single in 2015 led to a self-titled full-length in 2016, followed by the burning and sometimes sludgy follow-up Pre Strike Sweep two years later.

The GØGGS' story began in 2013, when Ex-Cult opened for the Ty Segall Band on a tour following the release of Segall's album Slaughterhouse. Segall and Shaw discussed a collaborative project, and their mutual friend Moothart was invited aboard. It wasn't until 2015 that the new group began work on their first recording project, with the trio spending a month writing material before repairing to Segall's home studio for a week to lay down tracks. Taking the name GØGGS, the band featured Segall and Moothart swapping duties on guitar and drums, while Shaw handled lead vocals. The trio released their debut single, "She Got Harder," through In the Red Records in November 2015. (A cover of Iggy Pop's "Billy Is a Runaway" appeared on the B-side of the vinyl edition.) In July 2016, GØGGS dropped their raw and insistent self-titled debut album, and stayed semi-dormant until the 2018 release of sophomore effort Pre Strike Sweep. ~ Mark Deming