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Fuse ODG is best known for his spirited drive to promote positive perceptions of Africa on a world stage. Born Nana Richard Abiona in London in 1988 and raised in Ghana, Fuse ODG broke through in the early 2010s with the release of his viral dance hit “Azonto” featuring Itz Tiffany and the genre-mashing “Antenna.” His 2014 debut, T.I.N.A., short for “This Is the New Africa,” set out to reframe the narrative about Black people and Africa, promoting home-grown advocacy through art and music. Songs like T.I.N.A.’s “Letter to TINA” and “Quality,” off his 2019 sophomore release New Africa Nation, showcase his pride and love for the African continent, while his 2018 single “Bra Fie,” featuring Damian Marley, cemented ODG’s role as a cultural ambassador.