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While Canadian punk provocateurs Fucked Up play aggressive and incendiary music, that's hardly where their desire to stir up trouble begins and ends. The group stray far from the standard template of punk, incorporating extended instrumental workouts, unusual arrangements, and lengthy experimental passages along with the furious guitars and ranting vocals. They were already heroes in the punk underground when they enjoyed a critical breakthrough with 2008's The Chemistry of Common Life. 2011's David Comes to Life was an ambitious concept album that added an extended storyline to their growing musical palette. (The group released a handful of singles designed to expand on the album's narrative, which were collected on 2022's Do All Words Can Do.) And with 2018's Dose Your Dreams and 2021's Year of the Horse, Fucked Up added strong elements of electronics, dance music, folk, and classical to their already heady musical mixture.

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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