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A warmly detailed indie pop project from Canadian songwriters Kathryn Calder and Mark Andrew Hamilton, Frontperson first appeared in 2018 with the full-length Frontrunner album.
Although she has released several solo albums, Calder is best known as a member of acclaimed Vancouver indie rock heroes the New Pornographers, while Hamilton's Woodpigeon project has been his primary musical outlet since the mid-2000s. After a chance meeting in the hallway of a recording studio, the two vowed to form a band together one day. Combining their talents for melodic, atmospheric pop and detailed arrangements, the duo arrived at a very complementary sound that, while at times reminiscent of their primary projects, explored new territory together.
Working with producer Colin Stewart (the Cave Singers, Dan Mangan) and leading an auxiliary group that included drummer Melissa McWilliams, bassist Jen Sévertson (Peach Pyramid), cellist Clea Foofat (Raleigh, Dojo Workhorse), violinist Foon Yap, and percussionist Marek Tyler (nêhiyawak), Frontperson released their debut album, Frontrunner, in September 2018 via Calder's own Oscar St. Records imprint. ~ Timothy Monger


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