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Chicago's Friday Pilots Club make hooky, soulful dance-rock centered on singer Caleb Hiltunen and guitarist Drew Polovick. Emerging on the Chicago indie rock scene with 2014's Dreams, the group have continued to hone their infectious sound, issuing singles like 2018's "Gold and Bones," and 2019's "Glory."

Formed in 2013, Friday Pilots Club initially came together while Indiana native singer/guitarist Caleb Hiltunen was attending Chicago's Columbia College. There, he met guitarist Mike Fornari, bassist Spencer Rydholm, and drummer Ethan Mole (all of whom had grown up together in the Chicago suburb of Batavia). Starting out as a covers band, they quickly moved on to writing original songs, balancing an emo and dance-rock sound with blues, gospel, and soul influences, as showcased on their 2014 EP Dreams. Around 2016, Hiltunen befriended fellow Columbia student Drew Polovick, a Michigan-born guitarist. The two hit it off, and soon Polovick had joined the band, collaborating with Hiltunen on many of the group's songs. Buzz grew as the band played Austin's SXSW and toured heavily over the next year. In 2017, Fornari, Rydholm, and Mole parted ways with the band to focus on other projects. Subsequently, Hiltunen and Polovick continued as a duo (with a live backing band), issuing the singles "PRBLM," "Gold and Bones," and "Bad As Hell." In 2019, Friday Pilots Club signed with Big Machine/John Varvatos Records and released the John Fields-produced single "Glory."

    Chicago, IL

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