Frans Halsema
Frans Halsema

Frans Halsema

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Frans Halsema is a Dutch singer with a varied background, including cabaret, pop, ballads, and musical theater, whose career carried on from the 1960s until his death in 1984. Born in Amsterdam in 1939, he got his start as a cabaret singer in the early '60s. During the latter half of the 1960s he began to make his mark as a recording artist, most notably collaborating in 1969 with fellow Dutch singer Gerard Cox. He peaked in popularity during the 1970s, when he collaborated with Cox again in 1974, and also scored a hit single in 1977 with "Vluchten Kan Niet Meer," a duet with Jenny Arean. ~ Jason Birchmeier

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • BORN
    September 1, 1939

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