Francesco Tristano
Francesco Tristano

Francesco Tristano

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Francesco Tristano leads a multifaceted career as a pianist, composer, and DJ, delving into classical and jazz works, as well as techno and experimental electronic music. As a classical artist, he is often associated with Baroque music, though he is equally at home in contemporary and avant-garde music. He has written both classical and jazz works, many in collaboration with pianist/composer Rami Khalifé. After being introduced to club culture while attending college, he recorded piano versions of techno tracks, and soon worked with techno luminaries such as Carl Craig and Moritz von Oswald. Generally preferring material that emphasizes rhythm and harmony, he finds common ground between classical and dance music. 2007's Not for Piano was Tristano's first fusion of jazz, classical, and electronic music, and 2016's Surface Tension was his most heavily techno-influenced album, while 2022's On Early Music was a return to Renaissance and Baroque compositions.

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • BORN
    September 16, 1981

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