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Self-termed alternative blues singer Francesca Belmonte could just as easily be classified as hip-hop blues in reference to close collaborator Tricky, whose 1993 single "Aftermath" applied the same terminology. Belmonte, who is also a songwriter, appeared as Franky Riley on Tricky's 2010 album Mixed Race; her breathy, seemingly half-awake vocals were featured on the singles "Murder Weapon" and "Ghetto Stars." As Francesca Belmonte, she played a greater role on Tricky's 2013 album, False Idols, and was on two-thirds of its tracks. Shortly after she made contributions to yet another Tricky album, 2014's Adrian Thaws, she released her first solo single, "Stole," where her approach was closer to that of inspiration Patti Smith (whose version of "Gloria" she quoted on Tricky's "Somebody's Sins"). The single was issued on Tricky's False Idols label, as were a pair of 2015 releases: the three-song EP Are You and the album Anima. ~ Andy Kellman

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