Fréro Delavega
Fréro Delavega

Fréro Delavega

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France's Fréro Delavega are a pop duo who came to the public's attention while competing on season three of the reality TV vocal competition The Voice: La Plus Belle Voix. Featuring the talents of Jérémy Frérot and Flo Delavega, Fréro Delavega were accepted onto the show during blind auditions with their cover of rapper MC Solaar's "Caroline." During their time on the show, they competed on judge Mika's team and covered songs by such artists as Vanessa Paradis, 50 Cent, and Charles Aznavour. Despite their growing fan base, the duo were ultimately eliminated in the quarter-finals. In 2014, Fréro Delavega released their eponymous debut album which featured the single "Sweet Darling." ~ Matt Collar

    Paris, France

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