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Making introspective indie rock with a Midwestern emo flavor, Forth Wanderers were formed in 2013 by singer/lyricist Ava Trilling and guitarist/songwriter Ben Guterl. The pair established a practice of writing collaboratively from separate locations in Montclair, New Jersey as high-school students. They added guitarist Duke Greene, bass player Noah Schifrin, and drummer Zach Lorelli for their first demo. The EP Mahogany arrived later in 2013 on Seagreen Records, and the band self-released its 2014 debut album, Tough Love. Father/Daughter Records took notice and issued Forth Wanderers' second EP, Slop, in 2016.

By the time they wrote their second full-length, Trilling was based in New York, and Guterl had relocated to Ohio. All five members met up in Philadelphia in mid-2017 to record the album with producer/engineer Cameron Konner (aka Loadcard). Its bolder, still angst-ridden sound earned them a record deal with Sub Pop, which released the Forth Wanderers LP in April 2018. ~ Marcy Donelson

Montclair, NJ

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