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A Danish hard rock/heavy metal group led by powerhouse vocalist Maja Shining and multi-instrumentalist Mikkel Haastrup, Forever Still emerged in 2010 with a sound that blended the icy, cinematic goth-rock of Evanescence with the sonic crunch of Halestorm.
Based out of Copenhagen, the group cycled through lineups before solidifying into a quartet that featured Shining, Haastrup, Dennis Stockmarr, and Maja Partsch. They issued a trio of well-received EPs -- Breaking Free, Scars, and Save Me -- before releasing a full-length debut, Tied Down, in 2016. Later that year they inked a worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast and headed out on tour with Lacuna Coil. In 2019 the band issued their sophomore long-player, Breathe in Colours. ~ James Christopher Monger

    Copenhagen, Denmark
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