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Modeling alternative pop/rock conceptions that underlined not only the band's indie rock roots but also their classical preferences, For Stars needed more than ten years to establish themselves as a band. Starting as a group of friends randomly playing together with several ephemeral acts, For Stars formed in 1998. It was then that Christian Preja (bass), Carlos Forster (guitar, vocals), percussionist Tommy Cassey, and guitarist Mike Young constituted the main lineup of the California crew. Following the additions of drummer Mike Funk and keyboardist Dan Paris, the band promptly began working on their debut album. Still in 1998, For Stars hit record stores, having a consistent success. The following year, the group recorded what turned out to be their second full-length, Windows for Stars, released on the Future Farmer label. Developing an ever-growing fan base, the band then suffered their first lineup change, when drummer Funk left, being later substituted with Nick Fritas. In 2001, For Stars disclosed their third disc, We Are All Beautiful People. After a long hiatus the band returned with a new, more fully realized sound on 2004's It Falls Apart. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges


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