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Singer and songwriter Flip Kowlier (a slight adjustment from his given name, Filip Cauwelier) is a multi-talented -- and multi-genre -- performer, who in addition to his duties as vocalist and guitarist for his band, has been an MC for the hip-hop troupe Hof van Commerce. Born in Izegem, West Flanders, Belgium, Kowlier decided to go solo after the second album from Hof van Commerce, eventually releasing the debut Ocharme Ik in 2001. Kowlier, along with the band that he assembled -- dual drummers Joosa van den Broeck and Karel de Backer, bassist Pieter van Buyten, and keyboardist Peter Lesage -- released album number two, In de Fik, in 2004, on EMI. In 2007, Flip and company released a third full-length, De Man van 31, which managed the number two spot on the Belgian charts. ~ Chris True

    Izegem, Belgium
  • BORN
    November 10, 1976