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Flans were a Mexican pop group consisting of Ilse Maria Olivo Schewein Furth, Ivonne Margarita Guevara Garcia, and Irma "Mimi" Hernández Ochoa. The group was dreamed into being by agent/producer Mildred Villafañe, whose grand vision centered around elements like eccentric clothing, sugary pop music, and complex choreography. Their 1985 self-titled debut sold over 100,000 copies, and the follow-up, 20 Millas, which featured the hit song "Timido," was met with even greater success. Released in 1987, their third album proved the most successful yet. Luz y Sombra went platinum thanks to radio hits like "Las Mil y una Noche" and "Corre, Corre." Although they disbanded in 1990, they returned nine years later with Hadas. In hopes of escaping their somewhat silly reputation, Ilse, Ivonne, and Mimi abandoned the name Flans in favor of IIM. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

Mexico City, Mexico