About Finitribe

Scottish industrial dance-rockers Fini Tribe originally formed in the mid-'80s, comprised of members Chris Connelly, David Miller, Philip Pinsky, Simon McGlynn, Thomas McGregor, and John Vick. 1984 saw the group's first release, the Curling & Stretching EP, followed up by 1985's Peel Sessions and such further EPs as Let the Tribe Grow and I Want More. By 1987, however, bandmembers began to come and go, as vocalist Chris Connelly left to pursue a solo career (as well as a recurring role with Ministry), leaving the core of keyboardist Vick, percussionist Miller, and bassist Pinsky. The now three-piece version of Fini Tribe pressed on, issuing further singles ("Make it Internal," "De Testimony," "Forevergreen," etc.), as well as full-length albums (1989's Grossing 10K and Noise, Lust and Fun, 1993's An Unexpected Groovy Treat, and 1998's Sleazy Listening). ~ Greg Prato

    Edinburgh, Scotland

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