About Favorite

Favorite is one of the key rappers associated with Germany's independent Selfmade label. Born Christoph Alex in Essen, Germany, his rhymes were deeply affected by the death of his parents. He went on to live with his aunt and uncle, but also spent time in orphanages. Within a decade of that major life event, Alex became a skilled rapper and signed to Selfmade, where he released his first album, Rappen Kann Tödlich Sein (2005), a collaboration with longtime friend Jason. Debut solo album Harlekin (2007), as well as Anarcho (2008) and Christoph Alex (2011), followed on Selfmade. Although the last in that series of releases reached number four on Germany's Media Control chart, Favorite didn't return with his fourth proper album, Neues von Gott (2015), until a few years later. ~ Andy Kellman

    Essen, Germany
  • BORN
    February 18, 1986

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