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Fauve is a collective made up of five anonymous musicians, videographers, and graphic designers who refer to themselves as Fauve Corp and often use their logo, the mathematical sign of unequal, as their identifier. Since their founding in 2010, they have released a series of YouTube videos that have caused a storm of allegiance among mostly alienated and disenfranchised young people in France and garnered major press attention all over Europe. Their artfully created videos and songs have netted hundreds of thousands of views. Fauve's music is a highly accessible and confrontational meld of lo-fi and indie rock, with electronics and spoken word vocals that walk a line between slam poetry and rap, and sometimes features sung backing vocals. Though they were offered recording contracts from virtually every major label -- and most independents --in France, Fauve refused them all. They consistently sold out performances all over Paris and its suburbs, predating their lone recording, an eight-track EP entitled Blizzard, which was released in the spring of 2013 and reached number 13 on the French charts.

Paris, France

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