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Fatima Yamaha is one of many aliases used by Dutch producer Bas Bron, under which he releases understated electronic dance tracks that have a retro, synth-led aesthetic. The alias originally emerged in 2004, for the release of an EP, What's a Girl to Do, on D1 Music. Soon after the EP was released, Bron put aside the Fatima Yamaha moniker, instead focusing on several other pseudonyms, including Bastian, Gifted, and Seymour Bits. As the years rolled by, the title track continued to circulate, gaining new momentum from various reissues, including a release on Bron's own label, Magnetron Music, and Dekmantel, both in 2015. By then the record had gained an underground following, resulting in the resurrection of Fatima Yamaha for a string of festival appearances and a full-length debut album, Imaginary Lines. ~ Liam Martin