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Adding synthesizer textures to the off-balance indie guitar rock he was already known for, FAN is the solo project of the Dodos' Meric Long. It emerged from a hiatus that followed 2015's Individ, Long's sixth Dodos album with drummer Logan Kroeber. Taking time off for the loss of his father and the birth of his first child, Long found himself reflecting on childhood influences like Brian Eno and Devo after inheriting two synthesizers from his father. As time permitted, he began to piece together solo recordings from various locations, including Galicia, Spain; Portland, Oregon; and late-night sessions in his soundproofed garage in Oakland, California. Named for the garage (and his middle name), Barton's Den was self-produced and released by Polyvinyl Records in 2018. The album's only guest musician was Ji Tanzer on live drums. ~ Marcy Donelson